I’m Tim Falls, and I have always had an insatiable curiosity about nature, how it works, and how we as humans relate to it.  How our attempts to harness, possess, destroy, protect and understand the earth influence it.  Ecuatoria is an expression of that curiosity and a repository of many of my experiences to date.  My intention is to artistically, architecturally and academically share and explore ways of responsibly integrating various elements of nature into daily modern life.  I hope that this website can be of interest and use to hobbyists and academics, enthusiasts and environmentalists, travelers and adventurers and hope that it will pique the interests of the peripherally curious.  Recruits are always welcome!

Largely dedicated to the aquariums, vivariums and paludariums that I design and build and the various plants and animals that live and thrive in them, this website is loaded with images.  I am not a professional photographer; however, I do have occasional success with whatever devices I have handy.   Some of the results you will find here.*  Unless noted otherwise  (e.g., some of the images and videos in my blog posts) all of the plant and animal subjects are from my collection in San Francisco, California, and all of the installations were created by me.  This website, like everything that it references is dynamic and ever-evolving, so do visit often!



*All  images and video on this website not attributed otherwise are the property of T.W. Falls/Timothy Falls.  Permission for use may be requested by email.