Heterixalus alboguttatus

Starry Night Reed Frog
Boulenger, 1882

Family:  Hyperoliidae (19 genera and over 250 species ranging throughout sub-Saharan Africa, the Seychelles Islands, and Madagascar)
Genus:  Heterixalus (11 species, all endemic to Madagascar)
Species: alboguttaus

Heterixalus alboguttatus is a nocturnal reed frog and is easily identified by its’ bright, irregular cream-colored spotting against a dark grayish-brown to black dorsum.  Large for the species, H. alboguttatus ranges in size between 1.18-1.5” (30-35 mm), females being a bit larger than the males.

H. alboguttatus is found in the southeastern lowlands of Madagascar at elevations from sea-level to just over 2,600 ft ( or approximately 800m). Its natural habitats include tropical and subtropical rainforests and shrublands, swamps, marshes and seasonally flooded grasslands.  However, being highly adaptable, its habitats have expanded to include agricultural areas such as rice fields, and other deforested or “degraded” areas  as long as abundant water is available. Populations also enjoy protection within the Parc National de Ranomafana and in the Manombo Special Reserve (Nussbaum et al. 2008).[1]


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