Mantella aurantiaca


Mantellidae is a family of anurans endemic the eastern African island nations of Madagascar and Maotte.   Its 3 subfamilies and 12 genera are as follows:

Subfamily Boophinae (Vences & Glaw, 2001) – 75 species
Boophis (75 species)

Subfamily Laliostominae (Vences & Glaw, 2001) – 4 species
Aglyptodactylus (3 species)
Laliostoma (1 species)

Subfamily Mantellinae (Laurent, 1946) – 127 species
Blommersia – 10 species
Boehmantis – 1 species
Gephyromantis – 41 species
Guibemantis – 14 species
Mantella – 16 species
Mantidactylus – 31 species
Spinomantis – 12 species
Tsingymantis  -1 specie
Wakea – 1 specie

The best known members of this family are the 16 species in the genus Mantella.   Mantellas, like their South American counterparts, are small (.79 – 1.18” or about 2-3cm), diurnal, microphagous, aposematically-colored frogs endemic to Madagascar.  Some are on the verge of extinction in their native ranges (e.g. M. aurantiaca) while others, for the time being are locally abundant and are frequently exported (e.g. M. baroni).  I have only recently begun keeping these two species, and I will add information to this website as my experience with them increases.  In the meantime, general information can be found by following the links to their pages.

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